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Repair & Rebuild

Welcome to SDA's Repair and Rebuild Services, where precision meets reliability under the highest standards of aviation maintenance. Specializing in the expert repair and rebuild of Dlink+ units among a variety of other technical equipment, SDA operates under an FAA-approved Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) and as an FAA Certified Repair Station. Our commitment to excellence ensures that each repair or rebuild adheres to stringent quality control, leveraging our expertise to extend the lifespan and performance of your equipment. Whether your needs are rooted in aviation or encompass other sophisticated technologies, trust SDA to deliver unparalleled service guided by industry-leading certifications.

Pricing and Operation Explained

Initial Contact

SDA will issue an RMA (Return Material Authorization) to the customer which should be filled out and sent back to SDA with the unit.



The customer is expected to cover all shipping costs associated with repairs, rebuilds or return without repair.


Analysis Period

SDA requires 4 weeks to analyze (inspect) and then repair the unit from the time it arrives at our facility. 


Analysis Fee

SDA charges $2,000 US to analyze the unit, make a preliminary determination of everything wrong, and then provide a tear down report and quote for repair, overhaul, recertification, or other costs associated with the RMA. This must be paid up front.

Analysis Fee and Repair/Rebuild Conditions

The $2,000 analysis fee applies to the repair/rebuild cost if the customer proceeds with a repair/rebuild. If a repair/rebuild is not performed, SDA will ship the unit back to customer in the state it was received.

The cost of repair/rebuild is broken down into one of 3 categories based on the tear down report as described below. Contact SDA for current pricing concerning these categories:

Major Repair:

Examples of Major Repairs:

  1. More than one CCA in the unit requires repair or replacement or;

  2. The unit requires a part number roll due to bezel and face plate color change or;

  3. The unit has Mod 4 or earlier software on it (this requires opening the unit and separately loading of CCAs) and generally recertification, or;

  4. The unit contains multiple simple mechanical failures as well as damage to a single CCA.

Standard Repair:

Examples of a Standard Repairs:

  1. The Unit has Mod 5 or newer software installed:

  2. The failures consist of:

    1. A single CCA failure or

    2. Multiple simple mechanical and/or electrical failures lying outside of the CCAs.

    3. A few button failures on the keypad.

Minor Repair: 
Examples of Minor Repairs:

  1. The unit has Mod 5 or Mod 6 and

  2. No replacement parts of CCAs required.

  3. Example issues:

    1. Box bricked and not responding to ethernet commands. 
      Note: this does not include failed ethernet circuitry, which would fall under Significant or Standard in one of the above categories.

    2. Fan failures.

    3. Similar items.

Defining Repair Categories

Quote and Repair Process

Quoted Price Assurance

Once quoted, the category is defined, the price will not increase and SDA will complete the repair for the price quoted. In rare cases where large numbers of additional problems surface during the repair. This could result in SDA deeming the unit BER (Beyond Economical Repair).


Repair Authorization
If the customer agrees to the quoted price and has authorized the repair/rebuild, SDA will begin work on the unit. However, SDA will not ship the unit back to the customer until payment for the repair/rebuild has been received in full. 

Request a Repair/Rebuild

If you're ready to get started or need an estimate for the repair or rebuild of your Dlink+ unit, fill out the form below. Our team will review your information and get back to you with a preliminary quote and next steps.

Thanks for submitting!

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