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World-Class Avionics Software and Hardware

High Quality Avionics

SDA Inc. was founded in 1997 and has significant experience in developing DO178B/C compliant avionics applications.

Our team consists of well trained and conscientious engineers capable of assisting you in both the system and software design of your product. Our engineers will work tirelessly to fulfill all of your system and software development needs, help achieve regulatory approval of your product, and ultimately assist you in ensuring on-time delivery of your product. 


SATS is software which provides both a manual and automated test environment for avionics applications.

Screenshot of SATS displaying a list of simulated avionics devices with information and metrics

SATS allows the Software Under Test (SUT) to be fully tested while executing on the target hardware. Automation is achieved via Python scripts and a set of test functions that can be invoked by Python Scripts. The system was specifically designed with FMS and CMU applications in mind, but can be used to test other applications as well.​​

SDA Automated Testing Suite


ABE supports IO capabilities for ARINC 429/717 Transmitters/Receivers used to drive/monitor the target hardware.

Aircraft Bus Emulator Device Product Photo

Aircraft Bus Emulator

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